Monday, 26 January 2009

634 WW & 165 FF days - A continuing story

I am still here !

FIRST OF, every one who kept asking about me, sending me comments. Thank you so much. Believe it or not it did help. I kept them in my in tray and every time I opened my mail, I saw them and it nudged me closer and closer every time.


For weeks and days now I have been trying to fight my way through all the excuses a person can make up not to face facts and go from where I stand now. Bottom line, I gained weight. For 17 weeks I just slid down the path. But the journey continues, I am NOT lost. I gained 10 kg/22 lbs.

What did remein is my fitness regime. I am probably in better physical shape than I have ever been. I still go to the gym 4 times a week; yesterday and today I burned off a total of 2000 kcal. Today: 45 minutes of tred climbing, 862 kcal, 2.6 KM, 268 m. elevation. A good work out considering I did a 1200 Kcal one yesteday.

I am curious to see how these two combine, and how much time I need to get to my all time low point this journey , 130 kg/286.6. I am hoping I will be there at my birthday.

I have this week off, and I am taking this time to get back in the saddle. The steps to tak√ę:

  1. Plan my meals
  2. Go back to Weight Watchers
  3. Go to the gym
  4. Drink my water
  5. keep my blog going
  1. I don't much like the first one, as I tend to think I know all the things I should eat by heart by now. But writing it down will make it visible again. Unearth the little white lies I tell myself. I will use WW on line programme to do so.
  2. The second one will mean I need to swallow some pride, not view this as a failure , but as part of the whole journey. I will report back on this on thursday.
  3. Going to the gym is not a problem, I love it, and except for the ungodly hour I have to be up. it is no challenge.
  4. Drinking water, now there is a challenge. On Gym days I empty the bottle take with me, which is a third of that amount. I will put down 2 bottles of water every day, so I know how much water I have gobbled up. They total 3 liters of water.
  5. As for keep blogging, I would suggest, "watch this space"

Food wise I seem to be on a sugar craving. I just cannot seem to stop the need for sweet things. Which means I using way to much sweetner and other sweetning products.

So I started to readup on sugar. And I would like to share some of my research with you.

Sugar addiction has long been joked about. Most researchers, however, believed you could not get hooked on sweets and lose control over consuming them, as if they were drugs. Now studies compiled over the years are making some scientists revisit the idea. The results do not indicate that donuts are in the same category as addictive drugs like heroin, alcohol or nicotine. They do suggest that some brain actions and characteristics associated with the intake of sweets and drug addiction may overlap.

I myself notice that once I begin with eating sugar, there is almost no stopping me! And yes I do notice a difference between the real hard core stuff and the fake replacement stuff! The word comfort food says it all. A sweet chocolate drink makes us feel warm,happy, even cared for. And so we delude ourselve to think that a mer food item can make us happier, make the world all right.

Now I am not advocating that we banish all sugar, but I do believe we should be highly aware of the addictive nature sugar can have on us. In fact there is scientific proof as to how this addiction actually works within our bodies.

And on the subject of healthy skin the following. Eat any vegetable with bright colors and you will be supplying your body with vitamin A, C and E, These vitanins are in fact anti oxydants which fight fee radicals in our system. Free radicals, among others, affect the condition of our skin. Anti oxydants react/bind with free radicals before they themselves can react with the cells in our body. Free radicals very easily react with our cells such as our DNA, causing a chainreaction with aging or even life threathening results; a disturbance in the cellular multiplication, such as the quality and age of our skin, but can also results in cancer.

However we do NEED free radicals to function, so the trick is to limit the negative side effects of their positive contribution to our general well being, and THAT is where anti oxydants come in to play. It has been proven that people who eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables, but also nuts look healthier (skin), and live longer. How do your recognise the skin healthy vegatbles and fruits? You cannot go wrong by going for the brightly colored orange, red, yellow!

SO much for the nutritional pep talk, time to get to my planning. This purposely printed smaller and grey as I will not waste time translating it in english. It is after all strictly for my benefit!

maandag, 26 januari 2009
1 verzadigende portie(s) Kwark, 0% v.g., naturel 3
1 hoeveelheid (naar smaak) Poeder 0

1 1/4 portie(s) Bruin brood 5,5
1 koffielepel(s) Light 0,5
Nusspaprika - Snel voedingsmiddelen toevoegen 1,5

1 verzadigende portie(s) Tilapia 3
1 verzadigende portie(s) Witte rijst, ongekookt 4
1 portie(s) Tomaat 0
1 portie(s) Ui 0
1 portie(s) Champignons 0

2 koffielepel(s) Light 1
2 plakken parelkandijkoek 3
2 glas (glazen) Yoghurtdrink, limoen 2

Verbruikte POINTS waarden 23,5
Resterende POINTS waarden 2 ,5

45 min Bergbeklimmen 12
45 min Fietsen (matig tempo) 4,5

Verdiende Active POINTS 17.0

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