Monday, 5 August 2013

day at work.... challenge, what to do about lunch

Lunch, healthy, fun, tasty and time consuming, it is always a challenge to me.

Either I think about it the day before, and prepare something, which takes effort and time, and I really don't always want to do that. (Intrinsically I am kind of lazy).


I am smart and find some food items on the spot which tick all aforementioned boxes. Usually a sheer impossibillity. Today I decided to go for a salad at the office restaurant. And here is the result.

Fav beans (broad beans)
avacado pasta (not too much ofcourse)
Chives grated cheese (and again not too much)
boiled egg
Glass of water

AND, most importantly 

a relaxing natter with a collegue/friend. 

So it worked today!

For tomorrow I am preparing food today from the july/august WW-magazine (page 31): special fishfingers with chivesdip Yesterday by the way, I did not transgress as far as points go, but....well............erm........ I am not sure they were all healthy choices. Although I did have brown bread with cheese, boiled egg and mustard for dinner. I started out wrong with no breakfast. So that tells me, HAVE MY BREAKFAST. Or I start going wrong from the bat. Will work on the way this posts looks when I get home...promise.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

week 1

A quick post, all is well. This week was hot, hard and interesting..... -grins-

Anyways, hot weather, hard work, and interesting with regards to my eating habits. When it gets to be as hot and humid as it was. Eating is not an easy feat. But I made it 6 out of 7 days.

Made sure I took in lots of fluid. And tried to keep to the shade when cycling to and from work. Friday promised to be hottest day of the year so far, so I took a day off, as I think most of the people I knew.

Saturday was much more cool, less humid. So time to do some work in my house, open all the windows, get in some fresh air. All in all a good week.

Weightloss: 2,5 kg - 5,5 lbs

Will post soon!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Big Reboot - Happy Summer 2013

Today I visited a Weight watchers gathering again (sunday 09:30), and had myself weighed. Pleasant coaches, small group). My weight was not as bad by a long shot as I expected. I expected to be back to 2007 starting weight and even beyond that. But it was a pleasant surprise. As If I had lost 14 kg in one go!

My reboot point weight (a term I borrowed from half man):

160. 3 kg (last weighed 2011-05-30)        343.4 lbs

And so I am on my way again...a little older, a little wiser, and definitely happier. I decided to take stock, reflect and look ahead, as shown below (the following text is not mine! I just copied and pasted it. Here is the link): 

1) Carry out an inventory of what you already have in your life. Make a long list of all of the good things you have. As well as material possessions, your list should include the names of friends and family, and the talents and strengths that you have.

2) Look through your list, and be so very grateful for what you have. If you are grateful for the wonderful relationships with your friends and family, tell them. When looking through your list of talents and strengths, are you using these to benefit yourself and others? If not, write down ways in which you can utilise these to their full advantage.

3) Reflect on your life, and write down your major achievements. This is a wonderful way to boost your self-esteem and confidence in yourself. By writing your accomplishments down, you can then acknowledge and fully appreciate what you have done in your life. Congratulate yourself on these achievements.

4) Now that you have your list of what you have and what you have achieved, write down a list of things that you don't have and don't want in your life. This is probably a list that you have never, ever compiled before! Here, you should write down the things that you are grateful for not having in your life. Examples may be that you are grateful for not having a particular life threatening disease, or that you are not homeless.

My 5th personally added point, because I believe taking stock of your life means you also look forward.
5) Looking ahead; write down two major and five minor goals for the year, and beyond, ahead.

1. My life now, what do I have.
My friends Ali, Margreet, Fred, Janny, Pieter, Joke.
My (step)mother Riet
My will and ability to be a good friend to others
My even tempered happy disposition
My willpower to achieve things - long-lasting, seldom short bursts of it
My ambition to be as good a professional as I am, and even better

2. Tell those I love, value, care for that I DO!
Will do this is my "show I care week"

3. Reflection
Much better grip on my finances
Conscious choices about friendships, and how I add to them and what they add to me.

4a. What don't I have 
Grip on my health, I never pay much attention to it.
Someone I trust enough to share my most vulnerable very special me with. Untill such time, I am doing fine!
4b. What do I not want
To be obese! I don't care being overweight, but there is a limit.
My business ambitions to take over my social life
Go a day without friends

5. looking ahead
Finances: remortgage my house, cheaper, wiser
Health: feel healthy, fit - be able to walk 30 minutes without pain
House: Get my brand new kitchen installed
WWW, 23 November: make a radio-play with friends (have the script already
Visit the beautician once every 6 weeks

WWW things to achieve this week

1. make my daily totals (which includes drink my water!)
2. measure my body
3. import may weekly food items into the assistant

Having said that it is interesting to know I recently read De voedselzandloper (Food Hourglass - unfortunately has not been translated in english yet) by Kris Verburgh. Top, eat less of, bottom eat more of)

As a result for a few months now I have implemented some changes in my food intake.I use a lot more soy and kefer products, and oat have replaced my daily intake of carbs.

Less milk products except yoghurt and curd
Less bread, pasta, potatoes, rice
Less sugar and artificial sugar
No prefab food

I am back, Happy summer all!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


What more can I say? I am still here, bigger and better than ever. And that means..... I am as I always was, horribly obese. But I am NOT downhearted, never that.

Tomorrow I will bite the bullet and have myself weighed. Will report back, I promise!

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