Tuesday, 28 July 2009

816 WW & 326 FF - one of them there days

Hanging in there!

Not even a very bad day. I transgressed on Ice cream, and croissants, but that is about it. Though mind you that did bring my points balance out of kilter. My toothache is improving, and I am sticking to my excercise regime.

Though the scales did put me off balance. It said I gained 5 lbs. I reminded myself the new skirt IO was wearing was considerably heavier that amything else I had worn, also I am gearing up for the dreaded time of the moon month. But whatever it says, I WILL not let it floor me! No flippin' way!

Hope you have a grand day, mine will be a busy one again, with lots of cycling!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

815 WW & 325 FF - bad days

winging it and chocolate

The days past have been kind of dodgy; not enough attention to detail, a bit wishy washy on my exercise, though I did do 100 laps yesterday. And so I blog, just to put all back in perspective.

Yesterday I had too much chocolate, and it has driven up my blood sugar level, leaving me quite hungry, longing for chocolate. So I will set up a eating apttern for tomorrow, here and now. Stick to it and see how much damage control I can do

1 boiled egg
1 slice of rye bread
1 pot of 0% curd
2 spoons of maple syrup
9 points

100 gr. chicken
1 tbs mayonaise
fruit, raspberries and blue berries
100 gr. 0% curd
5 points

10 points for dinner

Thursday, 23 July 2009

812 WW & 322 FF - Shock and surprise

A moment of your undevoted admiration please...

In case of doubt this is AFTER

And this is BEFORE

This week I lost 5 lbs......FIVE POUNDS, or in metric system 2.4 kilos. It amazed even me. Holy Heck! It means I have lost 13.6 kilo's/30 lbs in the last 8 weeks. -sits kinda stunned myself-

But it is not a gift. I work very hard to achieve it, very darn hard! And so justifiably I am proud of myself, very proud. Oh and I have broken through the 140 kg barrier, and now weigh 139.4 kg/307.3 lbs. Another 3.4 kg/7.5 lbs, and I will be back in the 200+ range. YES!!! In the last 8 weeks I have lost 30 lbs/13.7 kg.

People are showing concern; too fast, too fast "Am I feeling alright? " And I am reminded of a chapter in Dr. Phil's book on weight management. It deals with reactions of others. And their motivation for it. Is it concern, is it jealousy, is it antagonism wrapped really well? In most cases, if not all it IS genuine concern. But he stresses that we are all just human, and to see some one else succeed where we would like to too, is not always easy.

These last two weeks I have lost near 12 lbs, a little over 5 kgs. It was unintentional, and I just think I had all things going my way. And last week I did nearly floor myself while swimming. I am still not sure what happened, but I suspect an all time low for my blood sugar level. Energy source depleted, and wham.....I nearly fainted. Took me an hour to be able to move without feeling I had to throw up, and about 2 hours more to fully recuperate.

But I don't want this weightloss sequence to stop, because... I know I will hit a slow time as well, and I might come to a stand still for a while. We all know how our bodies react now and then. Sometimes it just has to stop, a sort of regrouping even as my efforts continue. Those are the times that really try my determination, and when that hits I wish to have lost at least another 18 lbs, about 8 kgs. I really really look forward to break through the 130 mark. Besides I am hot on FLG's trail -grins evil- Additonally this means I will have made up the weight gain which I caused in the past wishy washy year and a half, which was some 44 lbs/20 kg. A warning how easy it is!

But I find I learn from each new digression from the choosen path. And when I do digress it is a moment, not a week, a month, a lifetime. new thought patterns have been ingrained.

One of my goals is to weigh less than my brother. I know it sounds horrible, and I hope if and when he reads this that he will forgive me -laughs-. But I am fed up with being the biggest member of my family! NO MORE!!


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

811 WW & 321 FF - random thoughts

Random thoughts

Did you notice? My blog now has three colums, lots more room for even more information!

When I finish my project and have lost the waight I wish to loose, I wish to share my findings with young people. Why? Because I feel for teenagers, and younger children who are overweight. I wish to steer them away from a the path of corpulence. We have all lived it, well most of us, and although I have had a happy life so far, with little to cpmplain, being overweight, and even dangerously overweight, has inhibited me in being even more happier. It tarnishes the quality of life. It really, really does. And I want to make a difference.

I have great admiration for people like Jamie Oliver. Eventhough you do not like his cooking style, he has effected a dietary revolution on british schools. And I am sure it will affect children, not all, but some, and THAT is reason enough to do it.

I would like to show and educate parents on the effect too many lbs has on a child's perpective on life, growing older, meeting potential partners, being active, sexuality, self worth, enjoyment of healhy food etc. Some of thes issues are BIG ones, and I find parents skip over them just all too easy. Mind you I do not point a finger at my parents. But how I wish they had payed attention to the pounds I was gaining, taken me to our GP, a dietician, a gym. My life would have been different.

I realise that my process of loosing weight is now 39 months ongoing, it has cost money, determination, will power, a lot of effort in excercising, planning, making the right choices. And in a way that is all a good thing, because throwing away a process of near 40 months is too ridiculous for words. I just now realised that as I was posting to Kim Ayres. 40 flippin' months, I am having trouble believing it. They have brought me where I am over 64 lbs less in weight, and not intending to stop.

I love excercising

I got winked at last sunday, by a handsome man no less. It knocked me off my feet. In all my life no one has ever winked at me.

My outlook on life, on love, on sex, on me has changed dramatically. The result is an open smile, an outgong inviting dispostion. I find a lot of the fear to engage with people has vanished, and I am bolder, more daring. Some of the women reading this know what I mean, and perhaps some of the men. I honestly know and feel I am beautiful, intelligent, worth while knowing and as such people percieve me to be. The extra pounds I still carry around (just a little while longer) no longer affect that feeling! And I am having heaps of fun.

2nd 10% benchmark coming up --------> 308.6 lbs - 140.0 kg, so 1.7 kg/ 3lbs to go!

Two years ago I WAS a couch potato, my bestest friends were the TV, DVD and my computer. This week I had a job interview (as I need to look for a new job), and the interviewer asked me after I had been telling about myself, when I was ever home? I smiled and told her seldom, and I never ever watch TV. When I am home I clean, take care of food preparation, blog, chat with friends of old on line, and sleep. Geeeeepers, I HAVE changed a lot! I even have a slight tan because I spend so much time outside, cycling foremost!

I am going to spend some time underneath the solarium, I want to improve on the above mentioned tan! a golden hue is enough for me.

Oh yes, and life........IS wonderful

Weigh in tonight, but first some fitness at the gym. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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