Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Day 13 - 5 Charms

It is becoming more and more appearant to me that dieting for me is not about eating less, or eating different food. THAT is not the main problem, it is about the discipline of eating on time. I tend to just keep on doing what I am doing and then end up eating nothing, postponing the moment.

Today I saw it happening, let or made it happen. Breakfast started out as it should, a perfect balance of everything I should eat, but as I went to work, I did a small errant of office supplies first and then decided I would do my lunch shopping later. WRONG! I never did it, I just worked on, took what I call a break at 14:30, but did not do the shopping. so I ate nothing.

In the end I had two herrings on rye bread, and as I had had a huge salade for breakfast, I had no greens with it. I had some sorbet iceream, and a package of crisps (the right kind, if there is any such stuff). I did NOT eat more than I should, I still folllowed the weight watchers line. As I walked through the shop, at 19:30 (!!!) I noticed I did not feel like eating at all, and the herring was a choice because I had to eat, not because I was really wanting to eat.

So, it shows that I have to do my shopping when I go to the office before I reach it. Making sure I have something to eat at the office, because chances are I will find some excuse not to go shopping AND thus not to eat.

Tomorrow is weighing day, I am very curious, and again....a bit anxious. My gut feeling tells me I won't have lost much weight. Don't ask me why, although I think the erratic eating pattern of the last two days may contribute to that feeling.

NOTE to self, on a working day, make sure I have food items for lunch BEFORE I walk in the office doors!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Day 12 - 5 Charms

Another day, another way to trip up. And I do believe I did not. I did have to do some fancy guesswork, and had to use part of my saved bonus points. Why?

1. The cake dilemma
Well, a birthday at the office, the result of which was a piece of apple pie. It was lovely, but it took me three bites to find out this one was laced with marzipain. I culd then hardly give it back, so I thouroughly enjoyed it. As the usual 5.5 points did not apply, I had to do some guessing, and made it 8 points.

2. Eating out cunundrum
Also I had Indonesian food. The rice and coke light were easy. But the meats in the dish I could not weigh, nor estimate the exact content. so I gace it 8 points as well.

I think I was not far out of range. All in all I went 1 point over budget, but then I had saved up 34 by now, so no problem. All in all a counting day.

I have decided to have a huge salad tomorrow morning instead of my usual sandwhiches. Because today I had problems with the vegetabes. Right now I am eating two tomatoes to get to the required maximum, at 11 PM. I wonder if that is the worst of two bads? Or should I just leave well enough alone, and not eat, as my digestive sytem will not be able to work on them fully? I may just have to ask that at the meeting on wednesday.

As you see reader, this is a quicky. I do not have much time; bed bellows. Two more days to weighing day, I am sooooooooooooo curious! The 2.4 kilos so far is just a number now, but on wednesday it will be part of a sum, resulting in a higher number.

I am ..........on my WAY!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Day 11 - 5 Charms

Did you know coffee, tea and soda are natural diuretics? Which means when I try to increase my intake of fluids, I should try to do so while not drinking too much of either. The good news is I drink about 2 cups of tea a day, and have by now, not drank more than one or two glasses of diet coke. So I am doing pretty good.

Another news worthy tit bit of information on water intake? The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water in order to function efficiently; dehydration slows down the fat-burning process!! In other words, drink too little, loose less fat. So I will try and stick to my two litres a day.

It is advised that starting the day with a couple of glasses of water rehydrates the body after a good night of sleep, and takes care of the first 25% of your water intake for the day. Make sure you do it before you eat, not while you eat. Food should not be diluted with more than one glass of any fluid, allowing the digestive system to work as best as it can; too much dilution will thwart that.

*grins* As you see, I am up! I had my breakfast, and enjoyed my smoothie.

Do I think exercise includes moving stuff around in a house for about 4 hours (which includes several breaks to rest)? Heck yes, I do! So I jotted down 2,5 hours of heavy medium high exercise, and I was being modest there. As usual all this strenuous work was laced with lots of laughter and a lot of cursing and name calling. The latter two is a habit me and my best friends get into when we are together and do things like these; which I may add happens more often than you would think. A couple of dock workers would grin at the antics and name calling we get into. BUT back to the subject, if exercise ups your metabolism, mine was upped, in a big way.

Now dinner was another matter. We did not really have one, and so I probably had too little vegetables. We decided to just have nibbles. As I prepared it, I was able to "steer" the content to semi healthy. We had two dips, made with a yoghurt based mayonnaise, strips of carrot, small cauliflower pieces, a salmon salad, again mixed with the same mayonnaise, some blue cheese, and two kinds of crackers.

I made a very rough estimate of what I used in points this evening, and ended up with 13.5. I am doubtful about the vegetables as I did consume part of them but have no way of telling how much of them. I think I ate about 200 grams worth of it; TOO LITTLE.

BUT, I did not have the coca cola which was on the table, of all things straight in front of my face the whole time, about 4 hours long. I stuck to the mineral water, and I must admit it wasn't even difficult. I am feeling good about myself and the diet I am on, so it is, so far, easy going.

Went home, had a much needed shower, because lifting boxes and furniture is heavy perspiration work, some relax time, and went to bed. A good day, filled with exercise, what more would I wish.

With the weekend gone, I am halfway through the week, and am looking forward to Wednesday.

I never knew exercise could be THAT much fun. And I did not even have to pay for a sport school.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Day 10 - 5 Charms

Birthdays, they are quite a bother when you are trying to contain your intake of fattening foods. Because in contrast to just being at home, or at work, I just know I might run the chance of being confronted with a deluge of delicious foods which reek havoc with my healthy plans. So, when it was Ali's birthday - one of my "bestest" friends, I did several things.

1. I phoned her to know what kind of cake she had, what kind of dinner she would serve
2. Started to save extra points
3. Adjusted my food intake in the morning and at lunchtime.

I read through the grocery list to know how many points things were, so I would know which food items I could fit into the diet plan for the day.

In the end I went there after dinner, so I need not worry about that, AND I WALKED to her. I usually take a taxi or public transport. But this time I walked! This meant that the piece of pie I would have was already covered as the exercise granted me bonus points. smart, ain't I? At the party I had a lovely cup of tea or two with the apple pie. I ate it slowly, instead of gobbling it down in a hurry.

When the nibbles came, I had some mineral water instead of my usual coke, and my friend had some pepper strips and cucumber , so that combined with two crackers and very thin cream cheese, I did EXTREMELY well.

I decided to walk back as well, however halfway through I found I was just too tired and hitched a ride with public transport for two stops. I came home extremely happy and proud, tired too, but hey I had been a good girl, and did not go bananas over all the lovely food items she had.

And the funny thing is this: If you never actually walk to places, you will never know how strenuous it really is. Now that my feet have felt the distance once, I am sure I will walk to her again. Tomorrow I will be helping her clear her rooms, as she will get new carpeting this week, and guess what, I'll walk there!

Well, time for bed, and the only way to stimulate your digestion system is to get exercise, and the easiest is WALKING!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Day 9 - 5 Charms

Routine is setting in; breakfast done. It is my second day off and enjoying it immensely. However I cannot shut off my biological clock. I was up at 07:30 bright, chipper and bushy tailed. Breakfast was the usual smoothie and some French bread. I weighed everything carefully this time.

Punched everything into my points calculator, and then took stock of my supplies. Where I used to make do with what I had, or did instant shopping for all the wrong things. Now I make sure I have everything I need, to make sure I do not transgress. Is it lychee season by any chance? I don't think so, but I do sure feel like them. I also need some strawberries and pineapple, lettuce and tomatoes.

I promised myself I would go to the market, so I am about ready to go. Bad weather, but who cares. I must admit, I feel very good, and my motivation is still very high. *grins* I just know I will come back from the market soaked!

Did my groceries, and bought enough fruit to last me a week. I froze most of it, so I can have my smoothies in the morning. Also bought some of the Weight Watchers meats for sandwiches, they contain less fat. In fact I bought nothing I should not have. Which probably has to do with the fact that I had a full lunch before I went, so abslolutely no hungerpangs.

I walked to the shops which added some bonus points to my little piggy bank, just in case I wish to go and eat pizza with Fred. When he called to ask if I would go for a bite to eat somewhere I invited him over to me and cooked rice and shrimp. The advantage to that was that I kenw exactly what went into the cooking! I had a small glass of wine, and we talked about especially exercise and losing weight.

These days I am extremely honest, so I told him that fater about 10 to 15 minutes, one of my hips starts to hurt slightly, so that paired with being lazy means I find exercising a strain. He suggested we go to the seaide and walk a short while. He was hius usual kind self, offering to fetch the car in case I could not walk back. Of course I have some rpide, and told him I would make sure he would not need to. So we did go, and we waled about 15 minutes, had tea/coffee ce place, and walked back. And it made me feel very good.

I try and tell all people I think are impotant that I am dieting, and tell them to by all means support me, whether this mean giving me compliments or warning me I am diverting. A tricky task for my friends, because how do you tell if eating applepie is a well planned part of my diet, or a delicious sidetrack, adding too many calories to my dayly intake. I for one know I would not like being berated if I made a very conscious effort to fit the pie into my diet plan for the day.

Today I stumbled on a very informative site, and one page struck me in particular. What does it take to loose a half a kilo of body fat? Read it and enjoy! First day off has been and gone; a good day, a very good day.

Please enjoy your day. Losing weight requires perseverance and patience.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Day 8 - 5 Charms

I have two days off, that paired to the weekend means I have FOUR days off. Part of which I will spend helping a friend move stuff around in her home, so the can put a wooden strip floor in. The rest I will use to do some cleaning, relaxing, and work on some of the details of my diet. Breakfast was again a pleasure, three sandwiches, and my trusted yummy smoothie, the rest so far has been quite uneventful.

In the morning as I make my smoothie I fill two tall glasses with it, putting one in the fridge for later. When I step into the house I know there is something sweet and yummy waiting. Helps me to not buy stuff I should not as I do my shopping. So now I have to think about lunch, read through the manual for the point’s calculator, and put last weeks efforts in it. Oh yes, and I have to measure some body parts, see if there is some difference. To be honest, I know there is as my clothes fit easier, so I am curious.

I will also work on a shopping list based on last week’s food list; having jotted down everything I ate will help. As you see a busy bunny, well for a day off that is. One thing I can tell you, it is not warm where I live. A little sunshine would do me well.

Had myself a lovely dinner, stir fried chicken (2), carrots, onions and garlic, with a small dash of ketjap (*) and sesame oil (1), and some rice (2). With it I had a lovely green salad with some yohurt dressing (1). It was all divine. What strikes me as amazing is that it can be so very taste, and I realise it has become an ingrained idea that healthy food is not tasty. Even more so than the habit of using sugar or salt when it is not needed at all, this way of thinking has to budge. That may prove hardet than most people think.

I remember from my first WW adventure some 15 years ago, that the yoghurt with fresh lychees, pineapple, strawberries and a dusting of sugar replacement was to die for, it really was. Oh, yes and a marvellous recipe for chicken and ham pasta from the microwave.

Just so all readers know: Healthy food can be extremely tasty!

I have decide to save the 4 points a day standard, because I know I will go out to dinner every week once, and this will usually be pizza. Forwarned is forarmed. This week one of my best friend's birthday is this saturday, so it is a good thing to have some spare points for that occasion as well. I phoned her asking what was for dinner, she did not know yet, but depending on her cooking plans, I will either come before or after dinner. Whatever it will be, I plan to have a light but filling breakfast, and a small lunch, so I will have some points left for nibbles that evening. Probably will open some of my WW books to look for a filling breakfast with small points count.

I have some points left over and may treat myself to some hot skimmed milk with 30 grams of pure dark chocolate melted into it. That is if I finish my water first! So time for me to go do other things, and do some water drinking!

Bye all, and for me planning ahead is the key to healthy eating!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Day 7 - 5 Charms (weightloss 5.2 Lb or 2.4 Kg)

Yesterday evening was a disaster, I tried a recipe I found, and it was BLEAGH, I ate about a fifth of it, then threw it away; it was so bad it made gag. Which left me with two problems, how much points to put down, and what to eat instead. It was late, almost half past eight. In the end I had a small bag of quakers, 250 grams of tomatoes and the bread I was supposed to eat with my dinner. All in all I had 8 points left in the end. Not a good day, not at ALL.

This one should have been posted yesterday, and I know it will feature a surprise for some of you who read it. But I promised myself I would be honest, to myself foremost. It was not a good day, I did not eat enough, so by the time I went to weight watchers I was not feeling too hot.

I lost 2,4 kilos. And you know what, I was not even very happy with it.

I will explain why. I tried weight watchers once before about 15 years ago, and lost 7 kilos in the first week. All this past week I told myself that was a one off, and I could not and should not compare. BUT I did, and so 2,4 kilos was a disappointment. I had a word with the coach asking if my menstrual cycle has an impact on weight loss. She said yes, it means I am retaining water from a week prior to the start of it. Guess what? That would have been about the time I was weighed first time. So that extra weight will be off next week as well.

Am I disappointed enough so I would stop? Heck no, of course not, of course I am happy with the result, and next week I hope to get close to it.

I bought a point’s calculator to make my daily use easier to keep track of. Have to get through the manual today as it does not make my much sense right now. It also has some added features which help me to keep track of points I have saved.

I noticed that drinking enough fluids is not easy for me. So I have measured a water container at home, as well as a glass I always use, and now know I have to drink at least 6 of these glasses to get 2 litters of (preferably) water into me. It says in the booklet that I should drink water before I am thirsty! Now there is a problem, sometimes I find that doing so makes me want to gag. I just don't like it much.

I made a full colour hand out, a strip on thick photo paper, which I give to people to interest them in this blogger. The first one I gave to Sandra, a girl who sat next to me the first time I visited weight watchers last week. The "strip" features the address of this blogger for all who wish to read it.

I was so happy she sat next to me. She is a nice woman, and helped me feel less nervous, though I doubt she realised that. Like me she had come back too after gaining weight again. Only I don't think it was a 15 year interval as was my absence from Weight Watchers.

This week and last week she told me of her brother who also wants to come, but has an excuse every time. A shame really, I think he should just come. But in time he will run out of excuses, and when he sees how well his sister is doing, he will probably tag along one time. SO Sandra, when you read this, tell your brother he should just come! He is famous already featuring in my blogger, which is read by a handful now.

Having eaten as little as I did all day, I used all saved points as well, and had asperges, ham, eggs and melted butter, as well as a salad with the last of the stilton which had been in my fridge pre weight watchers. It was lovely!

Count your blessings, and your points, and 2,4 kilos is well on my way to my next Pandora charm, only 1 kilo more!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Day 6 - 5 Charms

Is not a happy bunny! I had written a whole post, did some lay out on it, and POOF, gone! Nice...not!

So once more:

Starting the day with a smoothy takes care of all calcium and fruit intake for the day. And added bonus that I start the day out right, with the smoothy and some crackers and water, I have no excuse or cop out to buy the wrong stuff at the ocorner shop when I go to work. I usually walk in and buy something to read, and as I am there anyways, some candy, preferably chocolate of course. Now, having filled my tummy, and feeling good, I wizz by the candy with ease and just buy something to read. Which makes me feel VERY good.

I also find I am using no added sugar at all, and where the taste of the smoothies was a little bland to marginally sweet at first I now start tasting the natural fruit sugars much better. And as I go along more and more advantages to eating healthy crop up. Which lead to the question:

Are there any disadvantages?

Yes, as I eat fresh vegetables and fruit every day, I have to shop every day.
and erm...................

Well, so far that is about it. Maybe anyone reading this can name a few others? Oh, perhaps that I keep nagging people about my food intake all day? Yet, I know from experience that is just the first two weeks, then it all gets "normal".

Well work bellows, travelling is impending, enjoy your own breakfast, and eat healthy!

Ok, I admit it. I would so like to eat something .......... I am not sure, but something which would not benefit my diet, that's for sure. I had one of the Weight Watcher's candy bars ready, but instead decided to be strong and had a large bowl of strawberries, the only concession being two spoons of real sugar, for which I will put down 2 points. Shortly after I had the WW candy bar, as this afternoon is the most difficult one. HELP!!!

My colleague, who is also dieting has the same problem, so she is eating an apple. I will just drink some more water, as I know that will help for a while. I think the reason is that have only been eating "sweet" food items, and I crave for something savory. But I will have to wait untill dinner. Leek, chops and potatoes, I am really looking forward to that!

TOMORROW!!! Enjoy your day, don't binge on crisps! *grumbles as I would love too right now*

Monday, 7 May 2007

Day 5 - 5 Charms

Now here's a challenge, how do you eat healthy when you are in a RUSH! Phonecall this morning rudely obliterated all ideas of getting started easily. Fortunately I had my breakfast all mapped out. So it is just a matter of foraging for the right food in my cupboards and fridge, eating it as calmly as time allows, and then getting the heck out of here. Hope to post later. But it is true, it pays to plan ahead!

Feeding myself in a hurry, enjoy your breakfast, don't overeat!

Have a meeting at lunch, and lunch is provided. HELP! OPTIONS: I can cancel the meeting and ask them to move it to a non eating moment, OR I can just go, take a Wasa cracker with me (which I brought from home) and nibble on it while we meet. Of course the latter, a coward I am NOT!

Now here's a topic for you: exercise! And the easiest two are bicycling and walking. I don't even own a bike, so that one is out. At least outside that is, I do own a hometrainer, and a darn fine one too. All I need to do is use the thing! I just can't set myself to it, I always have an excuse

"I worked hard enough today"
"I am just up, give me a break"
"Means I will have to drag it all the way from where it is to the TV"
"I have to do the dishes, the laundry, or I am just too lazy"

As for walking, the plain truth is, after about 10 minutes, some part of my body starts to protest, usually my feet, but at times also my hip. BUT let it be said I walked to my appointment at the ministry, TO and FRO. And felt very proud too. Silly, I know, most people I know enjoy walking at least half a marathon. The itty bitty distance I walked is a stroll to them. To me,it is NOT, NOT YET that is!.

I have set myself a goal, when I have lost the first 10 kilo's I will start to walk from the station to my work, and back again. Untill such time I will use my home trainer 5 minutes each day, at least. I fear this last resolution is harder then the whole diet in itself. Morning times just before my shower seems like the best time. Which means have to get enough sleep, or "I am just up, give me a break" will certainly prevail.

All this proves conclusively, it is not just about changing your food and eating habits, but general habits as well.

Read the link:
Eating and habits: Change them

Too late! It is 9 o'clock PM, and only now do I eat. Question is why? Well, simple, I doddled at work, got home late, and by then was tired and just plonked down. WRONG, should have made the salade I am eating first, and then do the "plonk"thing.

I am eating a salade, with smoked chicken, and lots of delicious green things, and tomatoes. I will stay up a little later, to give my system a change to digest what I am eating.

I am telling more and more people about this blogger. At the moment I am so sure I will succeed I amd not afraid to share the journey. I find I lool forward to writing these little posts, and evenmore look forward to breakfast! *grins*

Sleep well, no eating in the evening!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Day 4 - 5 Charms

I woke up with food on the brain. But then I sometimes did before. This time I feel like a computer, already counting points, my mind racing along the items in the refrigerator. The advantage is, there is nothing in there which could do great damage to my diet. Of course I could eat it all, but I have never had any bulimic tendencies.

So I have just put down what I intend to eat during the day. It works best I find. I make breakfast a little feast of plenty; fruit, cheese, crackers, yoghurt. It even includes some of the stilton I did not have the heart to throw away. But that is the good part of the Weight Watchers Programme, ANYTHING goes. What the points do is make me aware that ANYTHING comes with a price. Stilton is a lot of points compared to the cheese and liver I am eating as well.

How do I feel? Good, a very, very faint headache, but then I am also really hungry, so I am guessing my blood sugar level is low. Years of reading about diets and the effect of food have made me a 50% expert on the subject. My stomach is in a state of shock at not having to digest food remnants from the night before, as I only had a handful of cherry tomatoes after nine (went to bed at 1 AM).

I am also curious how all this healthy food will affect my skin. And as such prive or disprove, in my case that the choice of food is detrimental to the human skin. Oddly enough I AM noting a difference. I'll see.

Time to feed the hungry mass, Breakfast at Willows! Enjoy your food, don't overeat!

Too late! It is 9 o'clock PM, and only now do I eat. Question is why? Well, simple, I doddled at work, got home late, and by then was tired and just plonked down. WRONG, should have made the salade I am eating first, and then do the "plonk"thing.

I am eating a salade, with smoked chicken, and lots of delicious green things, and tomatoes. I will stay up a little later, to give my system a change to digest what I am eating.

I am telling more and more people about this blogger. At the moment I am so sure I will succeed I amd not afraid to share the journey. I find I lool forward to writing these little posts, and evenmore look forward to breakfast! *grins*

Sleep well, no eating in the evening!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Day 3 - 5 Charms

Anyone would start on day ONE. I don't! Says something about me, does it not?

I procrastinate.............and in losing weight I would say I done so for the last 25 years. Once in a while the little flame inside me that lights the "diet motivation fire" flickers and makes me feel guilty. But show me something nice to eat, and I'll ignore it with ease.

Happy, sad, angry, tired, irritated, driven, lazy...every emotion is linked to food. In that I am like millions of people. It is a remnant from my childhood, a happy one, where I lacked nothing, except the realisation by my parents that a fat daughter was not a good thing. BUT having said that, there comes a point when pointing the finger at others, read parents, is a petty gesture, one of a coward who will not admit that from the age of 18ish I was strong, wise, and adult enough to change the nasty habit of using food to cope with everyday life.

And so I am now on day 3. Not yet brave enough to admit here how much I weigh, but lets just say to darn flippin' much. I am very much beyond the 100 kilo mark that I can say. For the last 6 months or so the thought of doing the healthy thing, changing my dietary intake, and losing weight at the same time, has been on my mind. And last Wednesday 2 may 2007 I attended a Weight Watcher's meeting in my home town of The Hague. I had been there before, some 9 years ago, but from what I remember I was not as motivated as I am now. This blog is part of the motivation "thang"; sharing the experience with strangers on line.

Now let it be noted, I am NOT an unhappy woman. Quite the contrary, I have much of what I would wish in my life, and what I do not have is still attainable and possible. So life is good, very good. Having said that, I have no stamina, have problems lacing my shoes, summers make me sweat like an otter, and buying clothes is a drag. In short I am overweight, too much body fat encases me. And it has to go! The only one who can do that is me. And so here it is, my Blogger Willowishesless, less weight that is.

Now as for the heading of this little confession: "Day three - 5 beads" , what is all that about? I have been lusting to buy myself a pandora bracelet. It is the modern equivalent to the old fashioned charm bracelet. A simple stunningly beautiful silver (or gold) bracelet, which can take up to 25 charms - silver, silver/gold, adorned with gemstones, glass -. I bought one, deciding it could be an incentive to start my diet regime. And so I wear a silver bracelet, with 5 charms; my astrological sign, Gemini; a little dolphin curled around the silver Pandora bracelet cord; a small tea cup and saucer, I do so love my tea; a four leaf closer, for luck, lost of luck; and in the middle a small gift package with an adoring bow on top of it.

These past three days, day in, day out, the weight of the bracelet reminds me of the promise I made to myself to eat healthy, and loose weight. When I shop and I reach out to take something out of a rack or off a shelve, the motion of the bracelet and beads on my wrist reminds me again. It is a quiet watchdog that I only take off to shower. Every 3,5 kilo's I lose allows me to buy a new charm. You will find them proudly featured on this blogger as time progresses.

So far the hardest thing I find, is not eating after 8 PM. I am so used to keep my jaws moving every minute of the day. And even though I do that now too, but now with healthy things, eating after 8 PM is a no no-no matter what I wish to put in my mouth. I did transgress, I had four of those baby tomatoes. I think my stomach can deal with that, digestion wise.

How often you will find me posting? I don't know, I don't make promises other than that I will succeed this time!

Beddybye time for me, enjoy your food, don't overeat yourself!

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