Sunday, 1 November 2009

904 WW & 464 FF - Happy, just happy

Something to share....

This morning I went to fitness, did my usual, an hour of good clean work out, Nothing too strenuous, nothing too special. I worked up some decent sweat, sat in the steamroom, always a treat to my skin. Then showering, using my usual body oils, perfume, little make up, dressed casual, a jeans skirt, white t-shirt, tartan print tennis shoes. I took care of some small things afterwards, which meant I had to cycle to some places. Autumn was all around me, her cold crisp golden colored promises heavy in the air. Now and then a droplet of forboding rain grazed my face. I cycled home, the whole proces took about three hours in total, I left at 9 AM, and came home some time after midday.

As I was close to my home, listening to celtic music on my MP3 player, it suddenly hit me like a tidal wave, strong, vibrant, like vivid colors all round me, in me, with me, causing my skin tingle, my face supporting a the smile bright, brilliant, a smile I could not stop, it had to escape, show itself, fed by my heart, my soul. There, then, with the wind in my face, my feet and legs working to take me home, moving the pedals of my bicycle, for no special reason, not one special reason, I was happier than I have ever been in my life.

I marked the time on my watch: at 12.38, November 1, 2009 I realised I was truly a happy, healthy, fortunate woman. And as I felt that way I extended that feeling, and as I did I realised that within the cosmos there is this small speck of a sphere which we call Earth, enveloped in a layer of gasses, which we call air. On it there is an abundance of creatures, both flaura and fauna, which try to co exist, and one of the species is mankind, and one of that species is me. And I was, am truly, deeply, unrefutebly HAPPY.

And so this blog is not just, or only about losing weight. It is about me, my journey to grow, and excell, to be more, better, stronger than I was. And the miracle is, that I AM. And that I am the one doing it, I am the one facilitating my own happiness. My choices, my efforts, my emotions.

I AM SO incredibly, unbelievably, undeniably HAPPY

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