Thursday, 12 February 2009

651 WW & 172 FF days -stomach bug and still not on track

My friend the Norvirus !

I have it! The solution to the enrgy dilemma we all face in years to come!! Once a year we all volunteer to haveing injections of the Norovirus, or in layman's terms volutarily induced shitting desease. It DOES throw your entire digestive system out of whack, BUT you do produce enough methane to keep a city alight for a month -grins- or so it feels.

I have not been to the gym in a week, eat whenever I can or am brave enough to do so. SO, I have no idea where I stand weightwise. I feel like a beached whale, everthing is bloated and painful. Even the muscles in my upper torso are protesting. The contractions in my stomach and bowels just do not agree with my general physique.

Can you tell, I am ILL! will report back soon, I promise.

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