Tuesday, 6 May 2008

1 year, 19 days

Tuesday 20 May

11:17 PM

Day maximum: 27,0 points

Day´s Bonuspoints used/saved: 0,0/0,0

Week´s Bonuspoints needed/saved: 0,0/0,0
Day´s excercise: 60 minutes

(REQUIRED 6) water/tea: 5
REQUIRED 3) vegetables:2
(REQUIRED 2) fruit: 2
(REQUIRED 2) fat: 2
(REQUIRED 2) calcium:2

Goal 4: 1st centennial - loose 100 lbs/45 kg

Stop counting, loose ground

As simple as that. I don't count points any more. I just guess. And that is soooooooo wrong. The only thing I cannot do is stop caring, because I do. But I can tell you I have veered off the path completely. And why, I just don't know. Many of my WW friends at the club have stopped. Our mail group is dying and all in all it is a dismal state of affairs.

But I will not give in. It may be a mess right now. But every day is a day to go on weher I left off! Today is such a day. I started out with enough sleep, skimmed yoghurt and fruit, and some motivation.

Will report further as I go along!

3,0 points
2,0 - 250 ml. 0% curd
0,0 - fruit (blueberries & mano)
0,0 - lemon juice
1,0 - 20 gr. all bran

0,0 points

Diner 0,0 points

0,0 points

Monday, 5 May 2008

1 year, 4 days - Redecorating and holiday antics

Sunday 5 May

Goal 4: 1st centennial - loose 100 lbs/45 kg

My blog evolves, grows up

This blog started as a blog to relay the trails and tribulations of loosing weight. THAT will not change. However I feel I have evolved into a Health Watcher; which goes beyond mere Weight Watching. And so as my eating regime is just, though a major, part of my life, and also just, though a major, part of this blog.

From time to time I will tell you more of my every day life. What I notice foremost is how much more active I am. I enjoy cycling so much, and find that I can do several "activities" in a day with having to rest in between.

Today I had guests for dinner, went cycling and visited a nearby sea resort (small one), and did some DIY in my bedroom which is really coming along. All of this in the company of my two of my most loyal friends, Ali and Margreet. So meet the gang!

Meet Me, Ali and Margreet - and our respective feet Margreet, Ali, me

We call ourselves the three muskettets, and have been solid friends for some 10 years or more, the last 5 to 6 years we meet up regularly, have dinner together and watch movies at home. This last year we have started to go to the cinema on fridays, and eat out.

We phone eachother regularly and talk about the horrors of work, friends, and running a household. Ali is like me single, and like me happy to be so. Margreet is married with a Polish gentleman and every time she tells me of the wonderful world of married life I remember why it is I am so happy on my own!

This sunday was also rememberance day in Holland, may 4th. A wonderful sunny day, worthy of honoring those who died due to the stupidity of intolerance, hatered, racism, bigotry....in short conflict/war. We had planned to cycle for a while but sort of got side tracked at the ebacj reasort nearby......about 15 minutes cycling. We had something to drink, as well as an ice cream, and sta on a bench in the sun for an hour or so. Then we hit the shops.

Meet Margreet and Ali in brand new outfit at my place and at the beach resort looking all sunny and stuff

Our view from the bench we were sitting on, spending a lovely time commenting on other people's clothes

I did not buy any clothes. I feel it is a waste of money as I will not be able to use them next year anyways. So while Ali and Margreet bought new outfits, I fell in love with a beautiful African lady in green. She is now standing in my window sill. Ali bought her sister, wearing a red outfit.

I fell in love with her, isn't she gorgeous?

Redocorating a bedroom, MY BEDROOM

Getting active

The ladies-a-painting
Before AND after

Before AND after


Thursday, 1 May 2008

Day 366 - ONE YEAR of Weight/Health Watching

This is a two post day, make sure you read next one below or click here,
all on the celebration of Queen's day in Holland as well!
Thursday 1 May
09:17 AM

Day maximum: 27,0 points

Day´s Bonuspoints used/saved: 0,0/0,0

Week´s Bonuspoints needed/saved: 0,0/1,5
Day´s excercise: 00 minutes

(REQUIRED 6) water/tea: 0
fruit: 0
fat: 0
(REQUIRED 2) calcium:0

Goal 4: 1st centennial - loose 100 lbs/45 kg

This is a two post day, make sure you read next one, all on the celebration of Queen's day in Holland as well!

Day 366 - LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! (cont'd)

Thursday 1 May
08:17 AM

Long live the Queen (cont'd)

Well yesterday was a grand day! A day worthy of our Queen. In the morning I watched the queen on TV at Margreet's place, visiting two Frisian cities. Then we went to the Frederik Hendrik straat, better know as the "Fred". A long long street with lots of shops, most of which are closed on Queen's day), where people just "plunk" down all they wish to sell. Here we walked past all kinds of stuff, perusing, commenting, buying, haggling for about 3.5 hours. Midway we enjoyed a cup of tomato soup, shared one piece of carrotcake between us, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Fortunately what started out as a wet and drizzling day, turned out to be a day with little or no rain. Lots of people about, a lovely way to spend our natonal holidays. As we were about to leave to go home, it started to pour down with rain, the one single large cloudburst that day. We took shelter somewhere, waited for 15 minutes, and then as the rain almost stopped we cycled back. The sun even peeked out now and then, and I arrived at Margreet's house with all my treasures. We watched Core and Ocean's Eleven, had tea and japanese crisps (too darn many!). And I went home at 10:30 PM.

I find I enjoy spending time outside. I make conscious choices o go out and cycle, visit people. With less of me to "drag" out, there is more of me to enjoy! -grins-

Below you will find some photographs to illustrate the day.

Trash or Treasure ?

One man´s trash on the street, a treasure throve for me and hundreds and hundreds of others. There is food, drink, and lots and lots of things to look at. Things I would never let into mny house, or even in my trashbin. And indeed some items I took home. A list for you all:

1. DVD "Core" (price 1 euro)
2. DVD " Alexander" (Price 2 euro)
3. DVD " Emma" (Price 2 euro)
4. DVD "Ocean's Eleven" (Price 4 euro)
5. DVD "Ciske de Rat" and "Op hoop van Zege" (Price 2 euro)
6. DVD "Red Dragon" (Price 1,50 euro)
7. DVD "George and the Dragon" (Price 1 euro)
8. Villeroy & Boch Crystal bowl (Price 4 euro)
9. Miniture flower arrangement on quail's egg - orchids (Price 2,50 euro)
10. Miniture flower arrangement on quail's egg - crocus (Price 2,50 euro)
11. Green glass and silver filligrain necklace (price 1,00 Euro - needed some minor repair, done myself)
12. Single layer rhinestone (strass) necklace, perfect for eveningwear (Price 1,00 euro)
13. Crochet rucksack, formal wear/summer attire (Price 1,50 euro)
14. Pietro Erbacci Leather bag (Price 1,00 euro)
15. Wooden photoframe/photo folder (Price 2,0 euro)

What do you think about my nose for a "good buy"?

a real perfect state Pietro Erbacci Leather bag for 1 euro!

These two eggs are a real find, you can see by the size of my thunbnail how small and delicate the flowers are on top of the eggs. real craftsmanship by someone calle bianca )was on the back of one of the eggs

All my treasures bought , anothers trash sold - beautiful glass and silver necklace

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