Monday, 5 August 2013

day at work.... challenge, what to do about lunch

Lunch, healthy, fun, tasty and time consuming, it is always a challenge to me.

Either I think about it the day before, and prepare something, which takes effort and time, and I really don't always want to do that. (Intrinsically I am kind of lazy).


I am smart and find some food items on the spot which tick all aforementioned boxes. Usually a sheer impossibillity. Today I decided to go for a salad at the office restaurant. And here is the result.

Fav beans (broad beans)
avacado pasta (not too much ofcourse)
Chives grated cheese (and again not too much)
boiled egg
Glass of water

AND, most importantly 

a relaxing natter with a collegue/friend. 

So it worked today!

For tomorrow I am preparing food today from the july/august WW-magazine (page 31): special fishfingers with chivesdip Yesterday by the way, I did not transgress as far as points go, but....well............erm........ I am not sure they were all healthy choices. Although I did have brown bread with cheese, boiled egg and mustard for dinner. I started out wrong with no breakfast. So that tells me, HAVE MY BREAKFAST. Or I start going wrong from the bat. Will work on the way this posts looks when I get home...promise.

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